What is tai chi (taijiquan)?  It is a Chinese martial art that is rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy about the constant exchange between yin and yang. Tai chi is a mind-body practice that has both health and self-defense benefits.  It promotes health by balancing yin and yang both internally and externally. It improves energy flow within the body while strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and improving balance.  The slow, flowing, graceful movements promote emotional health by developing calmness and creating a sense of inner peace.  The fast, hard movements of other sports require you to expend energy, but tai chi's slow movements conserve and even increase your energy.

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi is taught at the Center for Harmony.  Yang is the most popular of the world's five tai chi styles.  Yang style's large, open movements are beautiful and graceful while the other styles are more closed and include some harsh movements.  The slow, soft movements of tai chi are good for any age, including older adults, because they make the body strong inside and out.

Tai chi forms taught by Grandmaster Cheng are taught by advanced students:

Grandmaster Lijun Cheng
Demonstration at World Tai Chi Day