Grandmaster Lijun Cheng
Leading Happy Heart Qigong (le xin gong)

Grandmaster Cheng was appointed Sixth Generation Lineage Holder of Yang Style Tai Chi (taiji quan) by Grandmaster Liu Gao Ming, the Fifth Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder after being his student for over 30 years. She spent decades studying qigong with varied masters. Most notably, she was mentored in qigong by Grandmaster 74th Generation Master of Confucist Chinese Music Qigong and originator of Joy & Wellness Qigong.

Grandmaster Cheng says, "Teaching tai chi and qigong is my destiny. When I lived in China I experienced many extreme difficulties - deprivation caused by wars, serious illnesses, and inhumane treatment during the Cultural Revolution. I would not have survived these tribulations without the strength I gained through tai chi and qigong. I know the power tai chi and qigong can have in a person's life and my biggest desire is to help others learn these valuable practices."